Love Your Home Again

The reality of that may be closer than you think. The reality of that may COST you less than you think!


Whether you call it remodeling, renovating, or re-staging, within your current home could actually be lying the home of your dreams. 

Think About It

The old saying of "Not being able to see the forest through the trees" is a pretty appropriate one when it comes to your home. When you live in something day in, day out, you get tunnel vision. Your ability to see what's not there, what could be there is lost. So what now, do I hire an interior designer that will take all of my budget before the actual physical work even starts? Sometimes the greatest changes are the smallest, easiest little tweaks and fixes, brought on by a fresh set of eyes. With a background in residential and commercial design, staging, product development, and possessing the skills to make it all happen, I can bring about just the change you have been looking for.