Bathroom Remodel

A great bathroom just makes your feel wonderful! It starts your day off right and helps to set your mood.


bath1A bathroom of your dreams doesn't have to be the biggest, grandest concoction of marble and glass, costing more than both your cars... sometimes it can just be a fresh coat of paint and a fresh, clean tile install. The right changes that are just enough to bring back life to the bathroom, while improving the value of your home. Heck, maybe all it needs is to tear out that 1970's vanity and put in a sleek pedestal sink... call us, we're just perfect for any of that! 


This is a perfect example... the lower bathroom in a try level. We tore out one of those horrible vanities, patched and smoothed out drywall that had seen much better days, and installed a functional and modern sink cabinet next to a new toilet. But the biggest change was to simply update the shower with a beautiful tile and corner mounted all-in-one spa system. Now this little bathroom has big function, and at a fraction of the cost may think.