From furniture to fixtures, it seems everything today needs to be put together! Are you all thumbs? I'm not!


We have ALL been there... you order a wonderful dresser, cabinet, or shelving unit on line only to have it delivered in a big flat box. Now what? Sometimes they are so heavy you can barely move it let alone put it together... well that's where I come in! I will carefully and expertly put together your new prize possession as if it were my own, and then make sure it is installed just where you want it. I can be your extra set of hands, your friend to call on in a pinch, your personal assistant to make your life easier.

So go ahead, buy that new what-ever... I got ya covered.

Assembly of...

    • Furniture

    • Fixtures

    • Toys

    • Appliances

    • Gym Equipment

    • Garden Equipment

    • Window Treatments/ Blinds

    • Shelving Units

    • Basketball Hoops

    • Mail Boxes