A beautiful new fan... just sitting in the box. Now what?


Do I hire an electrician? Or a construction company? Maybe I can try to figure it out myself... or maybe not. This is a very common occurrence... you're at the home store, find a wonderful new fan or light fixture that will go perfectly in your home, only to realize you are at a loss on how to install it. Calling a dedicated electrician or construction company is going to cost you two or three times what you paid for the fixture itself. Seeing if you can find a family member or friend who MAY be able to wiggle through it leaves you with an uneasy feeling... "I hope he doesn't burn my house down..."


  • - And this is where I come in!

  • The right tools, the right know how, the right dedication to ensure your excited over your new home improvement, and not having buyer's remorse on how much you ended up spending with some big-time company that was over kill for the job.