Time to take care of all those "Honey Do" items...


It's amazing how so many little fix it jobs can become so overwhelming... you just don't know where to start! 

It can be difficult owning a home, especially when time starts to work at deteriorating things inside and out. The fence is wobbly, the stair railing is loose, the shutters need to be painted and installed. For many people this is just too much to try and tackle so they are left to deteriorate even further... well that's your biggest investment and it needs to be taken care of. Call us today so that we can take away the worry, and get your home back on track.

List of broken things...

    • Garden Gate

    • Screen Door

    • Holes In The Drywall

    • Front Step

    • Staircase Handrail

    • The Gutters Falling Down

    • Shelving Units

    • Basketball Hoops

    • Mail Box Post

    • Garage Door Opener